The Few Truly Vintage Spots Remaining

Antonio's Pizzeria 1957

The Los Angeles Beat included Antonio’s in its list of “The Oldest Surviving Los Angeles Restaurants.” It is a list that includes many of the most iconic family-run businesses in our city.

I love being part of this list. It’s true that it’s hard to keep the small places afloat. The ones that made it this long are special.

From a personal standpoint, I know the struggles we face not having a corporation behind us to be our safety net through the hard times. Independent restaurants also don’t have the same leverage over suppliers that chain restaurants have. This impacts budgets, making it harder to compete on price alone. That is why we take quality of food and service so seriously, because that is what it takes to make a list like this.

When given the choice, I will always visit the “Mom & Pop” place, for the experience and authenticity. Check out the article, and please support all of these wonderful places right here in our city!

The Oldest Surviving Los Angeles Restaurants.

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