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EverettCheck out Everett Coast!!! They recently opened for Air Supply at theatre at Westbury! Hurry up and catch them this Friday at Antonio’s. We have scheduled an Evening of Dinner & Music, August 26th from 7-10 with the now world famous Everett Coast. Hope to see you there!

We Listen to your Feedback


I wanted to highlight some very positive feedback we’ve received recently, and say thank you. We hear you, we listen to all comments (good and not-so-good) sincerely. We always learn from constructive criticism and continually look for opportunities to improve the Antonio’s experience. Today though,I want to focus on some reviews that warmed our hearts! Thank you and happy holidays from your extended family at Antonio’s.


“I know I’m going to sound like a broken record but we had another party at Antonio’s and it was amazing. I threw a surprise 60th birthday party for my hubby.  Again, Alex made it happen.  She is the best.  We had about 50 people.  There was pizzas, salads, meatballs, and PastaRosa and pasta. Our friends could not get over how delicious the food was, how wonderful we were all treated, and of course the quantity of food was overwhelming!  I love throwing parties, and Alex has made it so easy I’m spoiled now.  Thank you so much to the entire staff at Antonio’s for making me look like a great hostess!  You guys are the BEST!!!!!”    -Stacy D
“My company used Antonio’s for a super large catering order and we could not be happier! Alex was very responsive and very good about working with our budget and specific dietary needs. Antonio’s made sure we had everything we needed and we would have enough food for our attendees. The delivery was on time and the food was delicious! What more could we ask for? Thanks so much!” -Brianna C
“On a regular basis I dream about their pasta rosa!!! Best pink sauce pasta I’ve tried thus far! For real!!!! Like when its over, Im sad…very sad. The pizza is really good!! I love both so much I haven’t ventured out to more of the menu.
sidenote: I’ve had multiple large grouped parties here and they have always been excellent at accommodating! The food quality never changed and neither did the service. Love you Antonios. You never disappoint!!!”   -Kat B
“Another great party at Antonio’s.  We celebrated my daughter’s birthday with 25 guests. There was so much food so much wine and so much fun!  Alex is an amazing hostess and Jose is the best waiter.  Our guests were thrilled with the way they were treated.  It’s almost like being in someone’s home the way they are so hospitable.  I love this place!”  -Judy L
“We held our daughter’s wedding rehearsal dinner here.  We had prearranged with Alex for 30 people.  We preset the menu with Alex’s help.  Surprise come the night of the rehearsal we end up with almost 40 people. Alex takes it all in stride and just keeps adding tables and bringing more food!  Our guests were delighted with the service from Jose, as well as Alex and the two adorable young girls working there.  Nobody could want for anything.  No matter what anybody asked for, it was there.  We had salads, garlic bread, pasta, meatballs and pizza.  There was plenty of food.  When several guests arrived late, Alex just started the service over for them.  I totally recommend this place for dinner or a party.  Alex is willing to work with your budget to come up with a menu to suit your needs.  She has great suggestions for the best menu items for a party.  I will say, have the MEATBALLS!  The next night at the wedding several of our guests asked if we had gotten the meatballs for the wedding dinner!!  As good as everything is at Antonio’s, the meatballs are the best thing I have ever tasted!  Alex we feel like part of the family!  Thank you all for an amazing time.”   – Susan M.

#gopink in October for Breast Cancer

antonio's pizza

This month is breast-cancer awareness month, but to me & my family it’s just Cancer awareness month.

My aunt died of breast cancer, I was still a teenager then, and  because my parents did a great job and making us feel secure about “nothing bad ever happening to us” I really didn’t know what to make of it, certainly didn’t think it was going to affect my family.

My cousin was 11 when she lost her mom and I think that was really the first time that I realized that, as good as my parents were in making me feel secure, there are things out there that are going to get you.  I was in my late teens and i couldn’t imagine what she was going threw, until I could….

In the early 90’s my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, something she would’ve known she had if she believed in going to doctors.  Being from a family of immigrants paying for doctors was a luxury and so was insurance. Yep, she didn’t have insurance. Thanks to my awesome gynecologist she was admitted to the Gilda Radner foundation and was able to get her radical hysterectomy with minimal cost. She continued for six months of chemotherapy and actually beat it so although my cousin and I have something in common I got to keep my mama a little longer. I wasn’t 11 though, so I still can’t imagine what she felt like. Around the same time, my best friends mom (my second mom) got Colon Cancer and passed away. So cancer is no longer a stranger to me!

Me, my cousin and my BFF, Aline,  learned that seeing the doctor and being aware of things that could happen is a good thing. Lesson learned by the kids, “health doesn’t come naturally, you have to work at it”. We all 3 get checked for our respective cancers and are very pleased to help raise money, either by sending cash, doing marathons, walks or whatever.

This month,  Antonio’s is donating 20% of sales from anyone mentioning “pink ribbon” during dinner, to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Come in and say hi.

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Keeping You Entertained

In our Quest to provide some great entertainment to go along with our great food we decided that Comedy may be a great way to go.

So far, Music nights are going great!  We’ve given away pizzas to those daring souls that guessed the King scores during the Stanly Cup Playoffs #GoKingsGo.

fireworks180x136We brought in Time Warner to show the Dodger games and are giving away dogers tickets, (more info here: to a Friday night match up with the Padres in July, (great seats , LG 126 row G seat 1&2, and don’t forget the Fireworks). And along with the Dodgers you must know we always have the games on.  Right now we’re having a blast with World Cup Soccer, Go USA!! but also Italy & Argentina, let’s not get it twisted….

That being said here is the line up we’re presenting for our first comedy night.  Sunday July 27th @ 8 pm.  FYI, It is rated R.

Wont you join us 🙂  make your reservation by calling 818-788-1103

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Summer time is near, well I think, I mean the way the weather has been acting who really knows.  Nevertheless, for us in the Italian food business were used to hearing “It’s too hot for italian food” and it becomes a challenge for us to prove to you  it’s not so.

It’s our responsibility to show you that it’s not too hot for Italian by providing some great summertime options. The biggest culprit is pasta, because pizza is a year round option, and so are salads.

Spiral ZucciniThat being said, we decided that using spirtal zuccini as a substitute to noodles is a great alternative.  You can use  pesto, garlic & oil or pomodoro all light choices.  You can add chicken,  shrimp, clams or salmon to get your light protein option.  Choice of Vegetarian, Vegan or not, but definitely Gluten Free.


Zuccini pasta Monica

Pesto Zuccini

Pesto Zuccini

So this Summer when you find yourself thinking It’s too hot to come visit us at Antonio’s, Check out these pictures and give it a try.  After all, it’s not just about the noodle It’s also about the sauce 🙂

Don’t forget we also have  Salmon & Halibut!

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